The volcano vaporizer is a desktop vaporizer manufactured by the storz and bickels same crafters of the mighty and crafty portables. The volcano desktop vaporizer is the first ever product of the prestigious storz and bickels manufacturing company. The volcano desktop vaporizer stood on tall among all desktop vapes in the industry and had no contender for 13 years until the herbalizer vaporizer came on board. As soon as the herbalizer dropped down the vape market space, every vaper knew that a revolution is about to take place and as predicted, the herbalizer slayed the volcano in so many areas including build up and new technologies. But it was impossible to steal the glory of the volcano. Let’s talk about the volcano vaporizer as it is our focus for this write up.
The volcano desktop vaporizer has two distinct yet similar looking versions namely the
Volcano classic
Volcano digits
The Volcano is built for stability and ease of usage and this was part of its selling point as soon as the first classic version was introduce into to the market for retail. The volcano has the shape of a pyramid which allows it to be set on a table comfortably without worrying if the unit will tip over to the ground. The conical tip of the volcano makes it possible for balloon bags, tubes to be attached to the unit. Apart from having a sleek and amazing shape, the volcano is very beautiful which utilizes solid steel and high grade components for its parts. Quite typical of a German product.
How to use
The volcano is designed to function with different vaping methods all of which are very easy to use. Once you turn on the volcano vaporizer, you will observe few minutes of waiting time for the unit to heat up. This might be frustrating for regular portable vape users that heat up in second. And this is one of the many edges the herbalizer has over the volcano. Well the output would justify the volcano as it could be assumed that it is taking such length of time for a perfect and tasty vapor.
Once the unit is fully heated up to a desired temperature your lights go off and this is an indication that your material is ready to be inhaled. At this point, you either use the balloon bag method by attaching a balloon bag and the valve to the top of the volcano and once the balloon is filled, you can take it off and attach the mouthpiece to the valve. You can now enjoy quality hits from the balloon bag. A vapor filled balloon bag can last for about 8 hours which makes it a vital tool for medical marijuana patients. The whip method on the other hand can be utilized on the volcano if only you have purchased a vapor dome or similar product from outside the Volcano’s regular manufacturer. Though you might not enjoy the whip method as much as the balloon method on the volcano, the whip method is quite easier to control and loos of vapor is almost eliminated.

The performance level of the Volcano vaporizer is not something common in the industry. Once factors such as the quality of your herbs, the nature of the ground , the temperature of vaping and other factors are in place, the performance and efficiency at which the volcano desktop vaporizes material is incredible. With the volcano, the risk of herb combustion is completely eliminated.
Health Benefits
The Volcano is more than just a high quality vaporizer; it is also a medically recommended vaporizer particularly for medical marijuana patients and this is because the vapor from the volcano is flawless and the balloon bag filled with vapor can serve as a dosage in cases where you are out of power to ignite herbs.
Overall the volcano is an amazing and lovely vaporize r that will take your vaping experience to the peak. If you do not care about discretion that much and you have the ability to pull the financial weight of the volcano, I want to assure you that you will be getting for yourself the best vaporizer of all times. The volcano digit currently retails at about £399.00 while the classic goes for £319.00 on Namaste